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When Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley, Archbishop of Boston, brokered a meeting between five Boston victims of the  church abuse scandal and Pope Benedict XVI, he also presented the  pontiff with a book. The book, created by West Roxbury calligraphy  artist Jan Boyd (left), contains the names of victims who reported  being abused by clergy from the Archdiocese of Boston in the scandal.
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Cardinal O'Malley said the 40-page book  offered Benedict a symbolic representation of the tragedy. "I know  the Holy Father was touched by it," O'Malley said.
Photo  by John Souza


The book has no title, but rather begins  with a quote from the Bible, Isaiah 49:15-16, "I will never forget  you. Behold, upon the palms of my hands I have written your  name."
Photo by John Souza


The names of 1,476 victims appear in the  book, which took Boyd a little more than a month to  make.
Photo by John Souza


The number of victims listed is far more  than previously reported.
Photo by John  Souza


To protect the identities of the victims,  the book only lists them by first name.
Photo by John  Souza


For victims with distinct first names,  only a first initial was used.
Photo by John  Souza


The deceased, many of whom died from  suicide or drug overdose, are remembered with a gold cross next to  their name.
Photo by John  Souza


Boyd created the multicolored designs by  immersing the pages in water and then covering them with a mix of  paint and paste.
Photo by John  Souza


She fashioned the unique patterns by  scraping the paint-paste mixture with household items like combs,  credit cards, and corks.
Photo by John  Souza


Boyd also used a variety of colored ink to  paint the names.
Photo by John  Souza


The book now belongs to the Vatican.  Officials at the Archdiocese of Boston say they hope it can be  loaned back to Boston someday to be put on display.
Photo  by John Souza


"Our names are very precious,'' said  Barbara Thorp, a social worker who asked Boyd to make the book. "We  are known by name to the Lord.''
Photo by John  Souza


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